Cyber Risk Quant is a service business that provides decision makers with strategic consultancy for cyber security strategy, performance and risk measurement.

The key distinguishing feature of Cyber Risk Quant is our focus and clarity that we are pursuing a niche strategy. What that means is we are forced to be selective in the work we do and stay focused on long term questions of service quality we offer our customers' over and above any short term gains. We are not a general cyber security consultancy, that’s not our territory. We are specialists in a niche with the aim of enhancing the relationship-led service we provide. Our key strength is our indepedence. We have no conflicts of interest, we have a huge community of interest with our customers'. We want our customers' to know that we are on their side, cheering for them and it is clearly to our advantage when they do well.

There are a number of merits in working this way. One is we have considerable experience to offer our customers' in addressing the problem of ‘immeasurement’. Immeasurement is the lack of a clear means of assessing performance, progress or success on the job and over the years we have seen this in cyber security time and time again. It’s no wonder people in cyber security burnout when they have no clear, observable link between their daily work and their purpose or mission performance. When they have no way of knowing themselves, or more importantly demonstrating to others, how they’re doing it’s no wonder anxiety, psychological insecurity and high levels of stress are commonplace.

A big part of dealing with immeasurement is introducing methods for quantifying risk, including its sub components. We are not exclusively tied to any particular method though. We have a toolbox and pick the right tool for the right job.