Quantifiably better cyber security

Very few CISOs' and cyber security professionals that we meet are measuring their cyber security performance and impact. That means just about everyone has room to improve, and just about everyone is doing something that is not working as well as it could be.

High performance

Strategic approaches.

Companies have to respond urgently, but also seek to reduce cyber risk smartly, in their world of limited resources and time. The inevitable question of "What is to be done?" is asked and the knee jerk response is usually "secure everything just in case". The result becomes rampant CapEx spending on additional IT controls and oversight that then demands even more OpEx resourcing but with no clear goal or end in sight. This is unsustainable and an ineffective approach.

Strategic approaches.

In tune, business aligned.

The problem is never deploying more tactical controls but rather deciding how to spend the limited resources and time to meet a clear business aligned goal. In cyber security that goal is that your systems are dependable in the presence of malice, error or mischance. Responsible decision making in the face of uncertainty requires a cyber risk management approach with dependable metrics and measures to show how you are performing now and to inform you what you should do next.

In tune, business aligned.

Measurable outcomes.

Without referring to cyber risk reduction the budget you can spend on new cyber security capabilities literally has no bounds beyond continuing to spend even more money. With a clear set of performance measures you can be sure of your current performance and you will be able to gauge the suitability or effectiveness of different cyber risk reduction decisions objectively. With reliable performance measurement you can reduce risk to within your target appetite at less cost.

Measurable outcomes.

How we help. What we do.


We help you to create the right specification, design the system architecture, and evaluate the best solutions, to give you the confidence to go ahead.

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We work alongside your team to contribute our expertise and experience, helping you do more in less time, without hiring specialist staff.

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You give us a specification, we agree the price and the timescale, and then we deliver a working system back to you.


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